Monday, October 17, 2011

First Photoshoot!

Yesterday I had my first photoshoot for Atelier Enchanteur, I can't believe I pulled it off but I had a lot of help from my wonderful friends! Rachel from Dragoness Cosplay sewed with me through the night; we had two hours of sleep before the photoshoot! Why? Because my fabric had finally arrived at 4pm the previous day leaving us with little time to get 3 pieces sewn and ready for pictures. It was a major project runway make is work moment but we pulled through and I don't think we even looked that tired in the pictures!  I've made a lot of changes to the blog and added a bunch of wonderful pictures, here is the new background featuring my two models:

We really lucked out with the weather, it was perfect in the sun, a tad bit chilly in the shade and we even had sandwiches courtesy of my boyfriend.  I'm looking forward to more photoshoots, but only if I get to sleep the night before!

Thanks again to my models and photographer for making this happen!! You can find my photographer here!

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