Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amelia's Locket, Work in Progress!

I've decided on the general colorways for the print Amelia's locket.  This print is going to be featured on JSK 1 and I'm not 100% set on the exact colors yet as my monitor is notorious for showing colors unlike any other monitor.  The print will have five portholes in a yard of fabric, I'm showing three here because I had to shrink the image to upload, I have a lot of small details to add and of course all of the lovely sea life left to do, but these pictures show the general colors that the print will come in.

Light blue x Dark Blue

Ivory x Seafoam

Dark blue x Sea Green

I have not decided what I'm going to put between the change of colors yet, so look forward to more progress pics!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

~Updates on fall collection! Voyage of the Nautilus~

I've added some photos and descriptions of what is to come in my fall 2011 collection "Voyage of the Nautilus"! I will have three dresses, two skirts, and printed t-shirts (customizable cut-sews).  I'm trying for at least three different prints for the shirts.  So far the first dress will have three colorways, and I would like the print dresses to have four colorways but they may end up with three as well, once I'm done with the prints I'm going to hold a survey and sell the top four picked colorways!

This collection is inspired by the deep sea and the beginning of submarines and sea exploration.  Robert Fulton built the first submarine, the Nautilus, in 1800, and although it had the iconic submarine shape we know of today it barely worked.  After revising his ship in 1801 the Nautilus managed to dive a remarkable 25ft! XD Well anyway, the print will feature plans of the Nautilus as well as some unknown creatures of the deep and also some friendly faces (or not so friendly).  Even though the Nautilus never made it to the bottom of the ocean this print tells a different tale and begs the question, what was at the bottom of the ocean in 1800?