Tuesday, January 17, 2012

T-shirts and Necklaces!

The T-shirts are almost ready, I'm very excited! I also attended a photo shoot on Sunday with Lolita Doll and got some product shots of the jewelry and a shirt, and also a surprise custom hat I did for a dear friend and one of the models from the Amelia's Locket shoot.  I liked making the hat so much I was thinking of making a few more.  Hopefully I'll get the stock pictures soon, until then the custom hat will be a mystery! But I'll give you a hint, it features a rather popular feline! (can you guess who?)

I'll also, of course, post pics from the photo shoot when I get them. I didn't wear any of my own dresses so it wasn't really something related to the brand but it was a lot of fun even though it was 22 degrees outside, and I'm talking Fahrenheit.... One nice thing was I got to try out my new circle lenses from http://www.kiwiberry1-collection.com/.  I got the Geo Princess Mimi Bambi lenses in sesame gray and they are HUGE.  And they're pretty comfortable too! I'll do a review later on all of my circle lenses, I have 4 pairs now and they're slowly growing into a real collection.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! And end of survey giveaway!

I'm happy to announce that roseandlilygarden was the winner of the free t-shirt! 

Thank you so much to everyone who took the survey, I've looked over the results and the top three color choices were: *drumroll*
Mint Julep

Raspberry came very close to being in 3rd, so I'm going to print that one too!

The top suggested colors were sax blue and pink, mint and pink, and some color on a white shirt (I completely forgot to make options on white >.>) I'm going to look into doing metallics, gold and silver. Some of the other choices that were popular were Ruby, Violet, Blueberry and Guava.  I think my problem is that I like all these color choices so you will probably see these in the future!

To give an estimate, I'd say t-shirts won't be available for about 14 business days.  But I can promise that I'll be charging $19.99 usd for them.  At the moment I don't know when I'll be offering the DIY cutsew kits, I want to be able to sell them at Katsucon so maybe sometime in February they'll be online.

I'm going to make something similar to what sweet rococo has, in terms of customization,  for custom cutsews.  You'll be able to choose a neckline, optional collars, princess seams, added bows, buttons, and beads, puffy sleeves, ruffly sleeves, pockets, neck ties, and different kinds of lace and ribbon.  I'll also be making one of a kind cutsews and posting them here and on facebook to buy.  

As far as other merchandise the most popular request was blouses.  I'm going to try to match the prices of In The Starlight and Anna House, but that all depends on how fast I can sew pintucks! I will also offer bloomers,  bows (not just ones to match my prints but solids as well), hats, bonnets, purses, jewelry (I have some supplies coming in already!), stationary and pins.  The pins might be a while.

I've scheduled myself to finish the next print by January 7th! And I've scheduled a photoshoot on January 29th, so watch for new merchandise at the end of January! Thank you again for all you support and ideas!