Saturday, March 3, 2012

Huge website makeover!

I finally have a web store! So if you'd like to go shopping you can now use the Shop Now button to the right.  Also if you have not already, please like my page on Facebook. My Facebook page is going to be my main source for giveaways and since i'm 5 likes away from 100 likes the first giveaway is very soon!

 Currently I'm finishing up the Medusa's Legion looks, so when they're ready the first few will be up for sale and then the rest will be made to order.  I have Sea Foam fabric in stock again, and I'll have some Deep Sea fabric in stock soon from Amelia's Locket.  I have a bunch of jewelry that i'm finishing up as well that will be added to the web store shortly.

I've also begun working on my spring prints.  After going back and forth between a few ideas I finally settled on my inspiration for spring -  Japan! This spring will be all about bold colors, pattern mixing, and experimenting with different styles.