Monday, February 18, 2013

Firstly Katuscon 2013 was a blast! Sorry to everyone at katsu who was pointed here by my old business cards, I ran out of the new business cards Saturday night :( So if you would like to start following (or continue to follow) my designs and events please go like the new page Belladonna on facebook! We're actually holding a little giveaway for liking the new page through rafflecopter :D

In addition we're working on a new website, for the time being the address is . If you like us on facebook or follow us on twitter, or tumblr, then you'll see our announcement when the site goes live!

For now if you would like to purchase anything check out our storenvy :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fabric update and Bunnies & Bowls Pre-order soon! (finally...)

I'm excited to announce that all of the fabric designs from Spring/Summer are available on Spoonflower now! Click for shop. I know this took a really long time to get out, after the initial photo shoot spoonflower said that they we're changing their printing inks, so I had to reorder swatches of everything just to make sure they still printed correctly.  Well they also made swatches $1 instead of $5 so I took the opportunity to get Amelia's Locket and Medusa's Legion printed as well.  Now you can buy Amelia's Locket fabric! Medusa's Legion did not print as planned and honestly there were a few things wrong with the print so now after revisiting the print here it is in Oleander:

Firstly I changed the designs for this print as well, previously all the designs had a bustle and also they all had to be made with a long skirt length because of how large the print was.  In the new designs only the OP has a front bustle, made to look more like an overdress, and everything is done with the sailor/pirate look in mind.  There's a high waist JSK and a regular JSK, the regular JSK can be made in either long length or normal, and a high waisted SK which can also be long length or normal.

On another note perhaps this print could use some explanation :) I wanted to do a deep sea Medusa replacing her hair with creatures of the sea rather than just snakes.  In her hair are sea crates, LOADS of eels and a nautilus.  She's pouring poison into the sea because well, she can, but note that she's also using a special AE teacup with the Octopus design from Amelia's Locket while sticking her pinky out like the classy lady she is.  Originally the print was only going to include poisonous sea creatures, note the ring octopus and box jellies, but then I decided that the print really need a squid and an angler and I also stuck the whole life cycle of jellyfish in there because they're just so alien and beautiful I couldn't help myself.   This is also going to come in green (Lupine) and royal blue (Nightshade) with the colorway names all coming from poisonous plants.  If you look at my spoonflower link under Designs not for Sale you can see the other colors :)

The other exciting announcement I have is that the Bunnies & Bowls Pre-order can finally start soon! Here are some pictures from the first photoshoot.  Like I said earlier the fabric prints differently than how it printed here, however the new printing is so much prettier!! I'm also going to replace some of the lace I used for this photoshoot, I'm not happy with the quality so that was the other reason this pre-order was postponed.. I needed to find lace! Here is the Pricing for Bunnies & Bowls:

OP - $220
JSK - $200
SK - with apron $165, without apron part $150

From Left to Right Apron Style SK, OP, JSK

Hopefully I'll be able to start the Pre-order Friday, if not it'll be Saturday :D I'll close it after a week and then depending on how many orders there are everything should ship out by the end of September!!

Photography by Yenra

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time for Another Giveaway!

Enter to win a free custom skirt by voting for your favorite print! One winner will choose a design, fabric, and colorway and will receive a free Atelier Enchanteur skirt and custom matching headbow!  Some designs and print combinations are shown below:

Please help me choose what print will be in pre-order first by voting in this giveaway, the print that gets the most votes will go up for pre-order first! The prints to choose from are below:

Bunnies & Bowls in 4 colorways
Whimsical Chirimen in 3 colorways
Hanafuda in 3 colorways
 The giveaway lasts until June 16th! In order to enter you must vote for your favorite print. You can get additional entries by liking my facebook page, following my tumblr, and many other ways, see below! Please share with you friends~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be contacted by email after June 16th.  If they do not respond within one week a new winner will be drawn.  Please only one vote per person!