About Me

Dear Reader, 

Hello! My name is Michelle Ramon, I am a lover of cute furry animals and smaller creepier ones too! I recently graduated from VCU with a bioinformatics and biology degree, eventually when I go to grad school I want to focus on entomology.  I love insects, amphibians, small furry mammals, creatures from the bottom of the sea, cave dwellers, and really anything except leeches - I can't stand leeches!
So what does that have to do with Lolita fashion? Well not that much! Growing up I took a lot of art, music, and dance classes, and academically I always did very well in math and science so when it came time to go to college I really wasn't sure what to do with my future. So I let fate be guide, closed my eyes and pointed at the list of degrees and found myself in the bioinformatics school at VCU.  After graduation I spent some time out of the science world and I realized that as soon as I enter grad school science will consume my life.  I also realized that for the last 5 years or so I stopped drawing, I stopped playing the piano and violin and I stopped dancing, and life had become rather monotonous.  And then I found EGL and a few months later saw my first lolita fashion show at Otakon 2011.  I was so inspired by all the designers hard work, that night I had a dream of being a lolita fashion designer.  And so Atelier Enchanteur began...

~About my models~

My models are my real life friends, and they're also fiercely real! I am always looking for more models to share in the fun times of photoshoots. I am located in Maryland so if you're in the area don't be afraid to inquire about modeling, particularly if you are darker skinned! If you would like to model for me send me an email! My contacts are on the Links page.  Also please send pictures and note what size you are (sizes also on the FAQ page).

Photography by Yenra