Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jumping on the Lolita meme bandwagon!~

I've been working on my logo, I have my font picked out I just need to finish my icon and I'll be done with that and ready to reveal my facebook page! *excitement* Lately our computers have been off, my mouse just died (needs new batteries) and my boyfriend's backspace key on his keyboard is still not working (oops I spilled water on it during a raid o_O) So now I'm using his left handed mouse with my left hand so everything feels like I'm going twice as slow, but in my blog reading this morning I came across this and decided sure why not, looks like fun! So without further adieu,

Day 1:  10 things about your Lolita bubble

1) Everything about bunnies is welcome here, well except eating or hunting them lol, but I love rabbits as a motif and I love my bunny, she's so cute *squee* ! Anyway, I've liked them for a long time, long before I knew what Lolita was, we used to breed rabbits, take them for walks, you know the usual XD Rabbits are great in Lolita for many reasons, obviously because they're cute, but also because they're the right shape for a cute bag, and they can be paired with fruit motifs (my bunny loves bananas!) and they look great in unnatural colors, like pink!

2) In my little world no one trolls.. HAH wouldn't that be nice?

3) I'm going to bring up the replica thing, but honestly I really couldn't care less if someone is wearing one.  Yes there are some circumstances where you really shouldn't wear one, for example to an angelic pretty specific party, I can see why that would be an issue.  But generally I'm a friendly person and if you're wearing a replica and it looks great on you Awesome! I wish more people had that attitude towards replicas.  As a designer if DOL decided to make a replica of one of my pieces I would be floored, honestly that would be like winning a Lolita trophy.  

4) Hello kitty does not belong in my Lolita. Don't get me wrong here, I LOVE hello kitty.  I have hello kitty sheets, hello kitty toothbrush, a freakin' hello kitty waffle maker, I'm wearing hello kitty pajamas right now! But will there be a hello kitty purse in one of my coords? NO.  I'm sorry but she looks odd paired with loli things.

5) I make everything myself, I'm a real DIY kind of person.  I don't have a lot of money so that is the real reason behind it but also I like the gratification of completing a dress and being able to say, yes I made this!

6) I don't actually have any friends who are lolitas who live near me, there was a post on parfait doll about being alone/lonely it really hit home with me, but it would be nice to meet some people and hangout.  I have not been able to make it to any local meetups, I work in retail and everyone wants to meetup on the weekends, which is when I get scheduled to work.  And then I was too shy at Otakon to really talk to anyone, haha but that's my own fault o__o

7) Going along with 6, it seems that sadly most of this community is online and then in person it's just, not the same XD the egl community is so inviting, real life was not the same.  I hope that I can overcome my fears and just walk up to a group of lolis one day, I guess it would be easier if I knew I talked to them through LJ or facebook first

8) When I first learned what lolita was I thought my style was sweet.  I loved the pastels and bright colors, the pastries, the cute little animals, but now that I've done my research and bought a few pieces I realized that I really love classic and gothic more than I thought I did.  I hope to add some gothic pieces to my wardrobe, I love the elegance! And honestly I feel as a beginner, it's easier to leave your house in classic than any of the other styles, I guess maybe it's because I figure people will think I'm part of some reenactment, going out in OTT sweet I don't know what people would think of that pastel explosion lol.

9) But then again I don't really care what other people think when I'm in Lolita.  Although in my perfect world it would be nice if people stopped asking me the same questions over and over again, it really just gets annoying but I suppose educating the public is a good thing.  And I suppose I should be used to it as a cosplayer, going out to eat in cosplay is always entertaining.

10) In my collections/concepts I'm very much so inspired by science and naturalism, I hope that I can leave my mark on the Lolita world and inspire others as well!

Well when I started this I didn't think I had that much to say, but I suppose I was wrong! I won't be doing these everyday or even every post because I am busy making this collection happen but eventually I'll do all 30! hopefully.. maybe..


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